Individualized Care with Elite Therapy Services

Individualized Care with Elite Therapy Services

Rehabilitation services for your specific needs

If you or a loved one suffers from debilitating pain, tremors, stiffness of limbs or mental disabilities, let Elite Therapy Services of Casper, WY guide you through your treatment options. We can help treat and manage your orthopedic problems, balance dysfunctions, neurological impairments and movement disorders. Our experienced therapists will help you to regain control of your body and your life with our unique treatment methods.

Relieve pain and improve quality of life with Elite Therapy Services

We use massage techniques - such as myofascial release - which involves applying gentle and sustained pressure to relax contracted muscles and improve blood circulation.

We also provide the following rehabilitation services:

  • Balance training and fall prevention
  • Aquatic therapy
  • Activities of Daily Living (ADL) training
  • Self-care training
  • Post-surgery rehabilitation
  • Orthopedic rehabilitation
  • Pain management
  • Sports injuries
Elite Therapy Services is here to provide you with comfort and treatment in Casper, WY. Manage your pain and regain your life today. Call 307-277-1283 to schedule a free consultation to assess your rehabilitation needs.